Inspired by different designs, satisfying lifestyle

Picasso is a genius. His masterpieces are the reflection of his life, flexible and changeable, leaving people hard to understand. But one thing we are sure is his loyalty to freedom. No painter but him could recreate a world and use power as wishes by astonishing honesty, innocent creativeness. He shuttled from the concrete field to the abstract one, against the ideas that fetter people’s mind and the holy belief of the universe. No freedom, no Picasso. Picasso has brought his uninhibited art style and life inspiration to the Ceramic art.

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Colors of the tiles shown here may not exactly match the exactly of the real tiles due to monitor and printer color variations.

MultipleDifferent design faces
Applicable to all design styles. The drawings are for reference only and the actual ones shall prevail.
  • V1-Low

  • V2-Moderate

  • V3-High

  • V4-Random

15 x 15 / 6" x 6"