Inspired by different designs, satisfying lifestyle

Manhattan, it’s known as an epitome of the Industrial Revolution. History has made her an irreplaceable eternity, as well as an illustration of the significance of cement in social development, which infuses an element of composure and sophistication into the quintessence of architecture. The scrutiny of texture, lines and colors kindles the vivid light of cognition and tastes within the lifeless vanity, and it creates a harmonious, diversified and sharable environment of humanism. When life meets art, an intangible power will fill your life with confidence.

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Colors of the tiles shown here may not exactly match the exactly of the real tiles due to monitor and printer color variations.

MultipleDifferent design faces
Applicable to all design styles. The drawings are for reference only and the actual ones shall prevail.
  • V1-Low

  • V2-Moderate

  • V3-High

  • V4-Random

45 x 90 / 18" x 36" P.S. MHxxxx - Naturale,MHxxxxP - Levigato

60 x 60 / 24" x 24" P.S. MHxxxx - Naturale,MHxxxxP - Levigato