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She originates from the mysterious Amazon forest. Thousands of years of geological transformation and the mysterious and wild temperament of Amazon forest attribute to her an air of tantalizing mystique and untamed charm. Its low-pitched manner fails to hide the sparking brilliance. With the wood-like texture of various shades, it manages to invoke endless imagination.

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Colors of the tiles shown here may not exactly match the exactly of the real tiles due to monitor and printer color variations.

MultipleDifferent design faces
Applicable to all design styles. The drawings are for reference only and the actual ones shall prevail.
  • V1-Low

  • V2-Moderate

  • V3-High

  • V4-Random

20 x 120 / 8" x 48" P.S. AMZxxxx - Naturale

22 x 180 / 8" x 72" P.S. AMZxxxx - Naturale