Inspired by different designs, satisfying lifestyle

Feel in the ancient civilizations, and seek in the floating sands. The circuitous trace of floating sands is the proof of the miracle that sands flow along with water, and that water carries sands. To be in freely extending, the swaying water, the floating sands and the random lines, all gather with the lingering charm.

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Colors of the tiles shown here may not exactly match the exactly of the real tiles due to monitor and printer color variations.

MultipleDifferent design faces
Applicable to all design styles. The drawings are for reference only and the actual ones shall prevail.
  • V1-Low

  • V2-Moderate

  • V3-High

  • V4-Random

60 x 60 / 24" x 24" P.S. RVxxxx - Naturale,RVxxxxR - Strutturato